Autechre/The Hafler Trio – Aeo3/3Hae


2CD – Die Stadt
If shape really derived from function (as stated during the first modernist wave by functionalist architects), the elaborate package of this double release would be enough to provide a lot of elements with which to decode the (aesthetic-stylistic) reasons for such drifts. Abstract, minimal and tangled at the same time, the protagonists of these sound acrobatics have chosen to structure their work as a series of layers and joints, with precious and delicate syntonies that feel a little forced in this project, which is perfect, but at the same time fragile out of its context. Cuts, resonances, long moments of silence, sound hyperboles and microsounds, of course, dominate the stage in transparent constructions that point us to the frequencies depicted in the seven square sheets that serve as a booklet. The frequencies are suspended and fluid, the sounds are reminiscent of an ancestral past, the same past of astronauts and mythological gods and, not incidentally, the writing is golden and baroque, and lends itself to be contemplated as a nice inscription on the white background.