Slowscan Soundwave (III), Attendance Sheet.

Slowscan Soundwave (III)

The sound that has always been 'immaterial' (well before the digital data) has always been fascinated by our perceptual apparatus for its elusive 'presence'. The sonic presence, in fact, that organically manifests itself in the vibration of the eardrum and the resulting electrical signals that reach the brain, is one of the themes of sound artists, able to play around to its essence, that is the perception that the remaining senses have sound close to us. Slowscan Soundwave (III) of Douglas Irving Repetto is an installation in which large sheets of semi-transparent polyester (mylar) move according to the sounds of the environment, through a system of motors, ropes and pulleys. Illuminated by dim lights turn generate shadows and glows reflexes, and move in unison, just like a single system that is moved by the frequencies. The ethereal transparency and the vibration of the sheets in waves materializes the abstract representation made by sinusoids in audio software, playing with a mechanical analog atavistic inorganic physical processes that have become public domain through digital interfaces.