Migraciones, news pull over and re-contextualized.


The dramatic transformation of the news has gone from small quantity morning and evening until the early nineties to a perennial flow and constant (from then on) that defines the reality according to a continuous 'update', an image that changes slowly but steadily shifting the viewer's attention on the 'urgent' from time to time decided by the editors. Migraciones Leonardo Solaas is a project in flash animation that shows an excerpt from 'Don Quixote' by Cervantes, and the top news of the site of BBC. The animation doth the symbols one by one, with letters that bounce from sentence to sentence, and the resulting visual poems are in the situation of artifacts generated and floral compositions of breaking news and news of a classic literature . This odd combination is realized through the gradual unfolding of the text, which is followed in its convolutions graphic eyed, hungry to grasp the sense of the news in the making. Different from other works that exploited the flow of news as such, as Wordnews or Newsmap , Migraciones approaches to the synthesis of this spectacularized the philosophy of non-linear Quijote, in a confrontation that surprises and continually re-contextualizes the 'novelty' of the news.