Idiki, a wiki of ideas.


The importance of collaborative dimension of the writing on the network has been synthesized from the Wiki, a tool that, born in 1995, began to spread like wildfire since the early 2000s. This tool has set a standard for developing free content that can be edited by an entire community, as it has proven the popularity of the encyclopedia Wikipedia . On this basis it was built Idiki which is defined as a 'wiki of ideas', developed by Freaknet, collective historical Catania. The project is to publicly declare ideas, classified by category, which anyone can try to improve and extend. Idiki is an acronym for 'Idea wiki', but also be a Basque word meaning (of course) 'make public'. In this sense the position embodied in open processing of concepts and visions is twofold. On the one hand it must be so clear to implement the concept of collective intelligence in the network, developed ten years ago by Pierre Levy, and the other adopts a distinctly radical approach where no protection is applied creative elaboration, leaving the vultures patent can observe the changes. But the brave challenge of this project is right in its fundamental principle namely that "an idea can not be possessed." So collaborative writing, which is the basis of the concept of Wiki, here is abstract, mutating into a production intellectual whose meanings are pieces of unpublished logical constructions, integrating a common level that looks carelessly to the guardians of intellectual property, pushing the concept of open source to a very high level strategically.