Update 'me', the data you die.


The life cycle of electronic information is absolutely unstable, being tied to its recording media that must then be interpreted by machines whose standards have always been far from definitive. The lability of the data is that referred to by the project UPDATE 'me' of the Tats. The site consists of a text box typically contains a sentence, which is actually what the last user has left. If you choose to change or replace you permanently lose its previous version with a software mechanism that clears without the possibility of backup or restore, recording only a funereal space to another page consists of its date of creation and cancellation (birth / death). "The data are dying," the authors say, and this metaphor of their life cycle shows the true nature of their temporary agglomerations of sense, dependent on the decoding code, bringing to the fore the shaky logical and electrical system which underpins their readability. And in the same system is written their epitaph, displaying for the first time a disappearance that falls on deaf ears (as a 404 web page not found), but that is anthropomorphically certified and exposed to the public.