Undervattenskonsert, aquatic concert.


The sound waves are excellently transmitted through the air, and in this way we generally perceive it and judge the quality and production characteristics of the source. But trying to carry out the transmission through other substances you have different acoustic experiences that lead to expand our sensory perception. this is what he did in his project Alison Gerber Undervattenskonsert . A dozen sound artists were invited to create works intended for a subsequent transmission underwater. For two days the swimmers Västra the Western Harbour in Malmö, were able to listen to works composed through the equipment made available by the Swedish national synchronized swimming, and records of what was possible to hear at least dipping his head. The water, in this way, becomes a transmission medium that filters the sound through its molecules, slowing them and distorting them slightly. This transmission targeted, and which is bounded in a place (the water), involves a bodily involvement which must be, at least partially, in contact with the water, and that is transmitted to our ears through a bone conduction of vibrations. The same vibrations of the sounds they move together with the movement generated by the liquid dipping limbs in an involuntary simulation prenatal acoustically and temporally engaging.