SoundTransit, travel ambient sound.


The art of 'field recordings', also called 'phonography', ie of environmental records manages to focus our attention to the sounds accidental, which typically escape the consciousness in the flow of everyday life. The idea of ​​a 'sonic geography' is as old as the registration process, and in fact based its appeal on the transmission of a specific period of time, ie its storage acoustics, in any remote space. The emotion that this has resulted in the era of land transport has been remarkable and today is embryonic with the real-time transmission of the network. SoundTransit Derek Holzer, Sara Kolster and Marc Boon, but it is a project that actualizes the spirit proposing as a collaborative network dedicated to accumulate records from every part of the globe and then propose them to a vast online community of fans and curious. The key interface is used, returning to the original concept, the journey, and what you do is 'book up' one of two different locations with a selectable number of intermediate stops. What emerges is an mp3 file with the sounds chained together from beginning to end. Through these 'trips' attention to the sounds and the consciousness of their origin spatial reconstructs a journey in stages playing with the global dimension through the planetary chart, and offers moments of aural presence in the selected areas.