Shmoogle, all results are equal


The unavoidable hierarchy of importance of data on the Net that emerged thanks to search engines, whose goal is to represent ‘the best selection of contents’, represents a conceptual vicious circle. That is, the popularity of the first results on Google, for example, grow exponentially, cutting out the results appearing after the first page. These less important results, without an unlikely growth induced by external factors, will stay in that popularity limbo that keeps them away from the mainstream. Shmoogle, by Tsila Hassine, is a web application that simply shuffles the results outputted by Google putting (for example) the 53th result at the third place and so on.With the ironic and populistic slogan “all results are equal”, this software can destroy the univocal nature of the hierarchy put in place by the page ranking algorithms. Its simple inversion of the results put less popular results before the eyes of the users, casting a light on some of the endless gray zones of the Net.