Sceen, magazine for digital extravaganza


Digital culture, as several other areas related to innovation, has always lived the dichotomy between technical and academic, who sometimes have raised their fences to recognize and distinguish. The alleged sterile contradictions that are sometimes generated only have depleted a scenario full of ideas extremely interesting, often humiliated in the niche from which they were created. Sceen, therefore, began as a magazine generation that brings a breath of fresh air in the scenario of ‘digital culture’, tying culturally VJ demo scenes, machinima, but also netlabels and art that is interested in video games and 8bit, ie opening the mind and interest in phenomena contingui but represented in other contexts. The contents show technical skill, taste and clear language, which leaves behind respectively slang and ostentation philosophical, proving that these phenomena are now largely reached maturity. In the title makes explicit reference to the populous and spectacular scene ‘demo’ from which most of the content descend in one way or another. In this sense, it is significant as this has evolved, distributing its artifacts also through their result, ie as video, favoring the appearance informative with respect to its nature of code calculated, due to the continuous running at the latest technical specifications. Ultimately the obsessive and sometimes, shining bottom-up approach carried out by this scene