Everything Is Under Control


The politics of terror, continuous-security and self-legitimation of control and repression has brought about critical thinking that is slowly gaining strength, spanning the various cultural sectors, not least through music, bands and musicians that process dissent in their works. The Coldcut are not new to public positions taken by libertarian practices and consequential damages, such as improvised VJ and unauthorized road against the walls of buildings, put on a few months ago in their native London. In the video for ‘Everything Is Under Control’, included in the single remix with five eponymous track, the terror and repression are synthesized in the script that traces the common feeling of ‘swoop’ in an absurd reality and socially terrifying. Although simplified processes and focused on the single player, isolated in a city seemingly deserted and monopolized by the forces of normalization, not only evokes the ghosts of the absolute control of power, but also, in rhymes punctuated by Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion) and processed by Mike Ladd, the dark forces of the West against which the finger is pointed in a tight hip hop rock that shakes mounted digital minds and amplifiers.