Dripping Sounds, Sound inks.

Dripping Sounds

The link between sound stimuli and visual stimuli is not limited to an image (moving or less) and to a sound produced in the same time. Our instinct in fact, recognizes that linking natural phenomena, in fact, perceptions, visual and sound, is systematically drawn to works of art that make arbitrary elements with the same mechanism apparently disconnected. This is the case of Dripping Sounds of Federico Muelas, award-winning edition of Life 7.0 , which uses the correspondence between ink droplets pour in water and Sound 'dropped' into the environment. Both with a different kind of origin fill the environment with their message through two specific devices: the 'dripping machine' and the 'sound screen'. The first provides not only to control the flow of the droplets, but to project on a screen the whole process and to reciprocate the water when it is filled with ink. The second transforms the projected image into sound through twenty photosensors independent modules installed on his back. modules correspond to the same speakers surrounding the screen, in an equidistant grid. The sounds are produced by a special card and changed in tone depending on their height, varying depending on the intensity of the detected light. The time in which the ink is diluted in water with a slow draw as filiform unfolding of the drops, ultimately, visual echoes to sounds, making them flow in the liquid space acoustically aeriform.