Buddha Machine Soundbox

electronic object

is in times of rapid and radical change that ideas emerge that are able to interconnect past, present and future in a single synthesis, together with striking and paradoxical. The 'Buddha Machine Soundbox' could be counted in this category, being built by an apparent old transistor radio to AM frequencies only (with a headphone jack and external power supply, in the absence of charged batteries, included) from which you can listen to nine different ethereal loop made by the duo FM3 (Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian) ​​stationed in Beijing. The scheme is borrowed from identical devices in form, but containing many meditative loop products for the followers of the Buddhist religion. The polar opposite of the definition of 'gadgets' this little box embodies a new concept in an envelope dated, in his generating sound with loops are amplified before crescendo and then decrescendo indefinitely, in a sort of constant and programmed acoustic presence. There is not only the presence 'physical' object, which makes it visible and recognizable, but also and especially a solidity and autonomy of use that in check to delicate and shiny player of the latest generation of the door also the reproduction characteristics of countercurrent , made of low fidelity, noise and distortion. Added to the long repertoire of sound experiments distributed by Staalplaat the Buddha Machine embodies a definite sign of the times, synthesizing a plan objective and dated, hybrid interface between the changing of a world in rapid and futuristic upheaval (the Chinese) and another (the West) on which this rests a cultural past which makes it cumbersome historically uncertain and open to the thousands of possible developments.