Visual Music: Synaesthesia in Art and Music Since 1900

Kerry Brougher

Thames & Hudson, ISBN 0500512175 The sensory association between sound and vision is explicitly born about a century before the advent of multimedia, through a new musical sensibility that accompanied the emerging avant-garde. The concept of 'synesthesia' silently invaded literary, pictorial and musical, handing in the first half of the twentieth century an extraordinary production of works and machinery able to marry the two senses in an original way. The historic route discussed here, in a different reality in the idea of ​​the abstract art of the twentieth century, by the Lumiere and addresses the recognized artistic experiments of the last century, so also through the approaches kinetic and luminous after the war have illuminated different types of live musical performances (from classical to rock concerts in the seventies). But in this excellent documentation, able to recover valuable materials to reflect on development of the symbiosis audio / visual in a historical perspective, you stop before the Copernican revolution of the late nineties. You lose, for this, the most recent stage of evolution, where the software and hardware have brought the means of production of visual music in the hands of anyone with a specific impact of implemented methods and conceptual implications open huge. Perhaps for this reason, to approach the world of art museum here represented the myriad of seminal practices born out by the institutions can be healthy. And for this, the book is highly recommended for all generation to vj.