(POD) Wind Array Cascade Machines, gaseous input.


The systems data transformation, namely, that draw a data type from a source and convert it into another, are one of the frequent sources of inspiration in the works of electronic art. Let alone the input data are visible in the physical reality, the more they resemble the digital data, creating an interesting parallel between the two worlds, matched for similar characteristics. Wind Array Cascade Machine Steve Heimbecker is a device that transforms the cash wind in waves of light represented by colored LEDs in an exhibition space and sound waves that are obtained by converting the invisible air currents. The flex of the rods to the progress of the movement of air, drag the sounds and the lights in the same direction, building an enclosed space that is your own sounds flow from the atmospheric flow above. The air molecules are transformed involuntarily flashing lights and sound microsamples and their dance in the open space, audio visual leads a performance unique and immanent.