PDradio, transmit sounds calculated in Pure Data.


The definition of 'radio' that transmits through the techniques of streaming from anywhere on the network, includes a fundamental difference compared to traditional radio, ie the possibility to organize a deterritorialized flow of sound data and computable. The project PDradio by Winfried Ritsch and Georg Holzmann realized very well that possibility. The station transmits files online in Pure Data uploaded by the audience, and selected by a software-dj compiled in the same type of code. This entity also provides artificial to announce the pieces through some speech functionality, with the name of the files and their associated metadata from the same creators, spiced with impromptu invitations and notices. If the user votes on his liking for a song, then, the DJ will generate a custom playlist based on the votes given by other users. PDradio runs on a Linux server with programs Zope and Plone and the music that calculates before being transmitted respects the scheme of composition, ie the rules, while its duttilissimo tool, aesthetically reflecting them in loops and components typically used in his compositions. It is pure electronics with a broad range of styles, but that can not be separated from the frequencies machinic. If the 'genre' you can talk, it abstracts the usual categories of musical style, to transcend the style of composition, then recursively expanding its own concept.