Delocator, Starbucks fight with the myriad of small competitors.


The strength of the global business is to develop a business model with substantial funds and aesthetic abstract and familiar at the same time, easily exportable to similar cultures, it is locked in its outlook for profit at all costs smuggled a company with sympathy. This model of development is not only unpleasant, but culturally dangerous because it puts you in direct competition with the economic and social culture of the area. Delocator of political collective Finishing School in April is an effective tool to report local cafes in a specific area with all their particular characteristics, and report how many of the global chain Starbucks coffee are in the same area. The coffee in particular remain a social meeting place when not inspiring, even for their customers socially diverse. A comparison of data cleaning is final and the continuous monitoring of the area contributes to the display of a process that underlies a silent commercial struggle with enormous social consequences in the long run. The result is to nurture social consciousness through the possibilities of the network, ie the realization of collaborative artifacts politicians who manage to create an overview equal to that of a long and detailed investigative journalism. The software used, finally, is free to download and are encouraged those who want to follow in the same project for other commercial categories (fast-food, hardware, clothing …).