Beaten and arrested after stolen in online multiplayer game Lineage II.

Lineage II

recognition of the applicability of the criminal law is not for copyright infringement actions (such as persecution for the exchange of films and music), or support for crimes 'common', (such as the fraudulent transfer of funds), but for any action taken in a simulation environment 'playful', represents a significant change. this is exactly what happened according to an article in New Scientist that explains how a Chinese student has been arrested in Japan for using software robots who beat and robbed some avatars in the online multiplayer game Lineage II, by selling the loot in exchange for virtual hard cash. The latter detail makes the subject fall into the category of criminal according to the law, having chosen as a place of 'stolen' a national auction site, this being the place where these types of properties are generally sold. The clash between continuous software robots fraudulent and those activated by production houses of the games to protect their users, it may divert from what seems to be at stake, namely the question of the extraterritorial dimension virtual spaces and, because of invasive marketing attempts to impose the forces of repression adequately equipped to protect the capital sublimated into virtual objects.