Influenzahaha, the streets belong to us.


In the reborn and extremely articulated street art ('street art') will be diversifying communication techniques, able to exponentially increase the attention of passers-by, depending on the strategy adopted. The project Influenzahaha Dutchman Jeroen J. apply techniques radicals to the road, which distort the usual rules of communication. In 'exaggeration', for example the actual dimensions of the architectural elements are distorted by written misleading, reversing the usual confidence in the veracity of iindicazioni road, while 'information blackout' flyers and road signs are written or erased by reducing the form to a single colored spot. Misspellings are intended (that awaken the attention of the reader, as a sign alien), amount of fingerprints on white stickers applied to the light poles (in an ironic act of self-incrimination) and the intervention of graffiti of others by changing the way in building a temporal and collective, complete overview of the inventive performance made by the artist in half of Europe. He is credited with contributing significantly to the mutation of the road, from territory marginally meaningful to one of the centers of the war of urban communication.