End of the Message

Darko Fritz

There are many questions that surveillance by cameras implies: they are perceived as people's movements observed by the watchers? How to change the behavior of people feeling observed by the cameras? What kind of archive is created from recordings? Summa of the five-year project 'End of the Message' (1995-2000) by Darko Fritz, videos contained in this DVD through these open questions omnicomperensiva through the ductility of the convex lens 360 degrees used in installations. The synthesis of information in transit to a place, as in the channels Expedited part of the video, or fragments of 'portraits' extracts as gold flakes visual from the copious amounts of long sequences recorded equal to themselves, or editing entrusted to the same surveillance operators, reflecting their experience and attitude, upset the usual relationship of mutual defense between controller and controlled by formalizing new languages ​​for interpretation of surveillance images. Licensed under this Creative Commons 'end of message' then begins to open new vistas of interpretation of the relationship, now daily, with the eye of semi-automatic control and with his (distorted and spectacular) view of reality.