Vores Øl (Our Beer), the open source beer.

Vores Øl (Our Beer)

Nothing to do with Mecca Cola & Co, fizzy drinks that are placed on the market as an alternative to the U.S. monopoly in some cases coming to devote a percentage of collection humanitarian organizations. The Danish Vores Øl (Our Beer) eliminates the issue at the root of the goods from exclusive brand, and brings another, much more evolved: how to rewrite the socio-economic world view to sharing the source codes. Bypassing the problem of access to the finished product, the creators – students of the IT-University of Copenhagen in collaboration with Superflex publish product and brand under Creative Commons license. Which means that anyone can set up or modify the recipe for this beer because they are disclosed elements and procedures of production. Freedom also means freedom of use of economic profit, so you can safely sell both the original and any derivatives, provided always dropping them under the same license "Attribution & Share Alike" as well as explaining the authors of beer mother (now in its first release). The reasoning behind this approach is the same as moving the worldwide hacker community, but also the best artistic activism operations that use the network and its model in order to obtain the effects performative as an added value in everyday life . In this case, the added value of Vores ø, l, in addition to its full flavor obtained miscelandovi of Guarana, is indicated by the authors borrowing the famous definition of Richard Stallman <>. Today instead of free software less confusing to talk about open source, but the meaning is the same, namely the freedom to develop a speech, freedom of research, commitment and not mere gratuity.