Ubermorgen – [F] original, authenticity as consensual hallucination.

[F] original

The cultural viruses, namely those practices that fail to take root socially content out of the 'noise' background daily, are the prerogative of the artists more aware of the mechanisms of communication and the most cunning of walking in the thin limbo that the law and censorship leave to more daring. Ubermorgen (Hans Bernhard, founder of Etoy, and Lizvlx) certainly belong to this category, and their new solo exhibition [F] original, authenticity as consensual hallucination , demonstrates. Organized by the center [Plug.in] Basel (Basel), the exhibition is based on two seminal works, [V] ote-auction.com and Injunktion Generator , thanks to which Ubermorgen have developed the term '[F] original' , ie documents generated automatically by machines, accepted as original, but nothing more than "Just pixels on a screen, Just Ink on Paper" according to one of the famous phrases of the two visionaries. To confirm this fascinating thesis, was also conducted in another work, the BANKSTATEMENTGENERATOR , able to generate reports bank. Friday, 17, In a panel which will involve also Inke Arns, Susanne Ackers Lillemose and Jacob, in the same place and entitled 'A radical net.art project and it's desire for the art market', we will discuss these issues, while the two sappers have also launched another operation, issuing releases signed Art Basel, the biggest art fair that takes place simultaneously in the same city, which argues that technology RFID is being used by the organizers to collect personal data of visitors and draw their interest for the works, with a system that dynamically change the price of the work according to the financial possibilities of the beholder and passing all data to the respective gallery so that could replenish its database.