Stripe Snoop, decode magnetic cards.

Stripe Snoop

The invisible world around us the information encoded in the data associated to our person, ie in the 'cloud data' that (more or less dense) is formed whenever our coordinates identifying emerging. Magnetic cards (from credit cards to those to collect the points at the supermarket), in particular, are now universally adopted as the interface between the choices in real-time users and databases that chew their data by cues marketing departments. The major problem is that the recorded data on all of these magnetic stripes are visible only to the companies that issue them and not, as would be natural, even users who use them. To make these processes more transparent, there are open source efforts, such as the excellent Stripe Snoop , a set of useful software to capture, edit, validate, generate and analyze the data recorded on the magnetic stripe cards. The decoding based on a database that stores all types encountered anonymously, trying to extract the type of data that analyzed for similarity with others. Released under the GPL license it is one of the few fixed points for access to this type of technology, distributed and yet so tied to the constraints owners. They were, in fact, already proved dangerous inconsistencies, such as to include the 'social security number' in credit cards in the U.S.. Access to the specific coding is therefore all the more important as precise as it is revealed and for this purpose it is useful to note that they are already in circulation patterns to build itself a magnetic card reader, such as the one published with a lot of specifications in the first issue of Make .