Softsubs, self-awareness (comparative) machine.


Interpret the complexity of the data, identifying common traits is the task of those who do research in disciplines as diverse as the functions of proteins critical to the evolution of the means of mass communication. The definition of similarities and patterns, then, brings to light new ways in the knowledge that by providing unprecedented views of reality contribute strategically to its evolutionary transformation. To try to apply these processes to our personal medium (PCs) is softsubs , a freeware that allows you to view in an abstract manner the synthesis of twenty different characteristics associated with the organization and structure of the files on the machine on which it resides, comparing well as the configurations of the desktop and the hard disk. Made in the form of screen saver from softsubs Research, a branch of C5, the software can send, on request, the data at the C5 to be compared with those of other users of softsubs. The aura of mystery that surrounds digital cameras and their congenital instability are thus analyzed in a new perspective and in an ideal orchestrarsi of computers that analyze and compare themselves, as in a collective self-consciousness (digital) mass.