Art of Science, the aesthetics of the research.

Art of Science

The aesthetics of science can take on significant aspects beyond the spectacular image of a galaxy or an image microscopic properly colored. The significance of adequate visualization of the processes is not merely didactic, but it is able to trigger thoughts and connections of thought different from the context in which it is born. To prove it is Art of Science , an online exhibition of images of art and science all developed within the research produced by Princeton University. A simple request for enlarged to send images to a newsroom led to a selection of 55 images (quantity received on a quad) of which a good part reflects new concepts for the public and at the same time consistent views, ready to open unpublished paths thought. From colorful perceptions of specific chemical reactions in the three-dimensional rendering of parts usually hidden (such as the fallopian tubes into the uterus) to the psychological mechanisms of recognition of faces or facial features automatic composition of medium in a community, to changes abstract and recursive complex mathematical formulas, images and related explanatory introductions which can let you contribute to an online imaginary of science that is still in the process of successful training.