Carsten Nicolai, Anti Reflex

Edited by Max Hollein

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, ISBN 3883758914 The exceptional personal imagery of Carsten Nicolai had a broad recognition in the world of contemporary art, which is able to clearly interpret the codes used by the artist to manipulate constructively fascinating scientific phenomena disvelandone acoustic and visual perspectives. Nell'omniconprensiva staff who dedicated the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt is gathering all its production, historicized at this luxurious catalog that without the slightest smear reflects the efficient and minimalist aesthetic that characterizes it (like the piece of tape used as a bookmark) . The recognition or 'extraction' visual sound structures (as in 'Milch') or the generation of natural geometric structures (as in Snownoise ), are two of several directives of a search path only one who uses science as an access key and art as a philosophical principle of approach. The interactions between the two worlds open up as many prospects that have their code recursion in mathematics and geometry and their charm in the palpable or audible conceptual mingling. In the works of Nicolai, therefore, recognizable because the technology is embodied in a very particular aesthetic light, devoid of complacency technical or speculative, but, on the contrary, glaring even novice users.