Wordnews, the words of the news.


The run of the top news of the mass media causes a duplicate of infinite words and names in the network, with a preponderance (in percentage) in the contents to rapid perishability. Obsession reflect the real-time events the headlines all look alike, repeating the same concept in the loop with labile changes. A groped a visualization of this phenomenon strictly linked to the immediacy of publication of the network is Wordnews the young German Benjamin Fischer, author of Neuordnung . The software collects the headlines of the most popular international news and returns visiviamente through a quantitative calculation of the frequency of the same. The 'weight', therefore, information is given by the dimensionality of the same graphics, mimicking in a minimal way and standardized style 'shouted' the mass of contemporary journalism. Unlike other similar works, as Newsmap or News Reader , here, there are the focal points of a layout specially studied, but there is provided a neutral cartography verbal information, where the alphabetic signs immediately recognizable generate a snapshot hype informative. The words, decontextualized from their strategic positioning in their respective sites regain their descriptive value, isolated in a series of variables which, at the same time, it synthesizes repetition and proper sense.