open nature, the organic digital.

Open Nature

The definition of the organic matter according to 'patterns' of data is a concept generated the information age, it is replaced dynamically to materials and maps of processes. ICC in Tokyo will be inaugurated on April 29 Open Nature , an exhibition curated by Yukiko Shikata, which explores this double vision of nature that transformed the analysis and simulation techniques digitization is perceived in a more direct and natural briefly, and At the same time, communication technologies and organizations that follow evolutionary developments of nature. The works included include: 'Flatland' by Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain, formal abstraction and dynamic views of the Mekong River delta, 'Corpora.proceed (sky)' of doubleNegative Architecture , architecture generated from data drawn from the time heavenly 'Biopresence 2055' Shiho Fukuhara and Georg Tremmel, 'Naked Bandit / here, not here / white sovereign v2.1' of Knowbotic Research , an interactive representation through the iniquitous forms swollen and programmable power structure of information technology , 'spray' and 'modular re.strukt' of Carsten Nicolai , 'Spectral-System Tyo ON2005' Marko Peljhan Pact and Systems, with its mobile laboratory and independent data processing drawn to satellites and networks, 'Radio Astronomy' of Radioqualia , 'The Sine Wave Orchestra stay' with the band, with their usual combinations of sine waves, 'Spiral Jetty' by Robert Smithson, new ecosystems created in the seventies in Utah, 'To the Sea' by Takamine Tadasu , a parallel between human gestation and computer science, 'Virtual Marathon' of , a marathon conducted through servers on the network, with speed calculations that reflect their distance, 'PHYCH | OS', sui generis work of Ubermorgen that describes the difficult period of Hans Bernhard after the abuse of narcotic drugs and total immersion in the culture of the network, ee 'White Track, Green Track' + Hideyuki Yamashita Yamashita Lab in NID, architectures and artificial landscapes constructed of local natural rules. They are the information flows and their interactions that implement forms of redefinition of nature through the fusion of opposing categories such as material / immaterial, embrace a new potential relationship that opens up additional possibilities for processing.