Raiding the 20th Century, the history of plagiarism in music.

Raiding the 20th Century

Mashup, cutup, plagiarism, or whatever you want to call it, the creative use of clips and samples of songs more or less famous is so well-established practice that begins to make itself felt the need for a historical background to legitimize it in perspective. Raiding the 20th Century Dj Food à one of the first attempts in this sense that, through the format of a radio show, traces the historical parts with quotations or pronounced by the parties concerned, the fathers of these theoretical and artistic practices, consisting in a dissertation only partially richly annotated argues that the reasons of those who support free expression. Five sections in which the program is divided, with no interruptions whatsoever, leaving flow in a single interruption, riascoltabile to taste, historical and aesthetic flow of the tracks and comments. Freely available online, via bittorrent or some mirrors , this audio mixing and vocal than 40 minutes brings together a considerable sum of the phenomenon, by cutting and pasting the tapes, the bold mix turntable to the audio montages software, browsing sound artist conscious , musicians, historians and activists digital sound. The high degree of cultural innovation (legitimate citations as constituents of a new artifact) is the skeleton key that undermines the cultural monolith Copyright Castle on which the industry to monetize its privileges. This essay in audio format combines theory and practice continuously, finally giving the 'legs' to one of the crucial phenomena emerged during the liberating possibilities of digitization of culture.