Game Music, dial with Unreal Tournament.

Game Music

The methods of musical composition have been radically transformed within a few years by the software and its interface conventions. But this has also led the association processes of the sounds to be much more transparent and ductile in the transitions from one phase to another, and the transformation applied in the pipeline. The ductility obtained by the algorithms and their computational abstraction made it possible to experiment with new and daring associations between sequence data or gestures and the production of a piece of music. In Game Music by Vladimir Todorovic (author of Selfportrait ) the composition technique adopted is simple and straightforward, but not trivial. The space of the video game 'Unreal Tournament 2004' is interpreted as a compositional environment and the sounds of combat weapons are normally used in gameplay have adequately replaced by other, thought to be linked together during the actions. The interaction of the game, in this way, implements a compositional method only seemingly random, but in fact derived from a precise strategy (that of the game), and then by a set of homogeneous and significant data. The music composed, released under a Creative Commons license, is obtained by expropriating its mechanisms entertainment industry, reinterpreting the narrative through a different knowledge domain. The result is an abstract tool, reinvented the intentions of the producers, but which uses similar technology.