Vous Rêvez / Vous Ne Pas Rêvez


The evocative power of sound, tends to lose this peculiarity when it accompanies the images, which by themselves are likely to drown the imagination of the viewer. To prove the opposite are artists such as Tilia (aka Alexander Peterhaensel), well aware of the role that their eyes while listening to music. His research combines delicate loops, especially those of a haunting piano, the gush of feelings and memories stored in some remote place of his own mind. The constant appeal to the melancholy of memory is expressed through a certain lack of clarity in the desired sequences, facilitating this process of recovery of similar information but also nebulae. What is maintained, then, is a state of visual blurring that the mind can build way around what he sees, drawing ‘his’ parallel path. Three interpretations are accompanied to their songs: a kaleidoscope of contemporary movies, shooting of a television with broadcasts on the other and a vintage session preparative dance in slow times ultradilatati. What is being described is another space (that of memory) synchronized to another time (that sounds) that flourish in symbiosis are the memory of the beholder.