Vida 7.0, art and artificial intelligence.

vida 7.0

The annual awards Vida, an art competition and artificial intelligence sponsored by the Spanish Fundación Telefonica, arrives this year to the seventh edition . Keeping the pattern of the previous ones (such as 4.0 or 6.0 ), this year the first prize was awarded ex-aequo to two works: 'Spore 1.1' of SWAMP (Douglas Easterly / Matt Kenyon), an installation consisting of a plant that is watered or less depending on the development in the market price of its seller (Home Depot), and the 'Universal Whistling Machine' by Marc Böhlen and JT Rinker, a device that communicates with the user through whistles, analyzing the tones 'heard' and using them as the basis for those to be issued. The jury consisted of Chris Csikszentmihalyi, Daniel García Andújar, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, José Carlos Mariátegui, Fiona Raby and Nell Tenhaaf, has awarded two other prizes in 'Dripping Sounds' Federico Muelas Romero, a partnership between the ebb of colorful drops in water and consequently sounds generated by light sensors, and 'PaCo – Poeta Callejero Online Automático' Corpa Carlos and Ana María García Serrano, a robot that moves on a wheelchair, and detects the presence of a human being asking the money in exchange for a poem automatic. The honorary mentions are gone, instead, to 'Ornamental Bug Garden' of Boredom Research (Vicky Isley and Paul Smith), small mechanical creatures that generate an artificial ecosystem colorful and interdependent, 'Semiotic investigation into cybernetic behavior' by Jessica Field, a ' interaction between different machines with very specific tasks that can reproduce and create conflicts exquisitely human, 'Life Support Machine' of Italian Luca Gemma moving fish scales enclosed in plastic sheets through mechanical waveforms recorded, 'Déjà Vu of fresh water , a nightmare environment ', by Carmen Gerstl and Jeroen Keijser, a virtual world in which the user interacts with fairytale characters, such as a siren, but has no other choice but to continue to pollute the sea in which it is immersed,' Healing Series' Brian knep, algorithms that implement natural patterns ready to interact with projections on the floor with the user's movements, 'Unending Enclosure' of Fernando David Orellana, three robots in closed wooden columns anxious and paranoid in regards of human beings to passage, 'Quorum Sensing' Chu-Yin Chen, a mechanism for cooperative behavior of bacteria reproduced by means of the detection of the spectators. Other awards went as production incentives to the project 'Environment de Estereo-Realidad 2' of the Peruvian José Carlos Martinat and Enrique Mayorga which will consist of installing computers in strategic places of Lima, making them act as journalists automatic and self-detecting information from the network , taking as inspiration the headlines of local newspapers and projecting all in some key areas of the city from the roofs of some buildings, even printing the same information and volantinandole from that height. Un'incentivo research, however has been assigned to the project 'IP Poetry' by Gustavo Romano, a combination of hardware and software that can draw on texts from the network (IP Bots) and thus create poems based on certain rules. A special mention, finally, went to the Critical Art Ensemble, to make evident and unquestionable support to freedom of expression of artists in the field of biotechnology (what ever related to the theme of art and artificial life), critically endangered in the case of Steve Kurtz , and it also symbolizes the critical approach that the spirit of this festival has always sought to embody.