Extra Ear 1/4 Scale, hearing symbolically increased.

Extra Ear 1/4 Scale

The materiality of the body, the bulwark of the physical size and touch while everything around us seems to dematerialize and bounce between cables and antennas, the last decade has been one of the urgent needs to be considered from a theoretical point of view and practical. The instinctive feeling of cosiderare physicality as truth and how domain hardly falsifiable has seen the collapse of the structure of principles with the ability of digital simulation on the one hand and computing capabilities that have rapidly multiplied the capabilities of biological manipulation on the other. On this ground has been developed in constant progress Extra Ear , from The Tissue Culture & Art Project in collaboration with Stelarc, an artificial ear, created with some of the cells of the artist forced to grow in the desired three-dimensional form through a bioreactor rotating micro-gravity . Quest'artefatto scale recalls the impressive result Skins Gun , gun built with flaps of skin of the abdomen artist Joanneke Meester for purposes avowedly pacifist. Here the body consciousness and attention to its ability accommodation of sound waves is enhanced with an appearance that bothers every possible custom or normal. The symbol of a meat artificially grown, sewn or less on the face of Stelarc, is the metaphor of an evolutionary adaptation to our needs listening multidirectional and a further augmentative prosthesis which calls into question our concept of the body as a unit, letting it literally open to a new and changed sound sensitivity.