EVPmaker, synthesis of esoteric items.


The EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) can be considered as an esoteric phenomenon whereby recording ambient sounds seem to perceive voices, physically unexplained. The spoken sentences, then, appear to be precognitive of events, or revealing elements unknown to those who have registered. In a succession of misunderstandings these psychological experiments have fascinated quite a few researchers, such as those of the VTF, assiociazione German Research of the ITC and the AA-EVP, American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena. A necessary condition for obtaining the results is that there are noises in the environment recordings (indicated by experts in the field as 'raw material'), 'on which' paranormal these generations are to be formed (nothing has been able to obtain, for example, , in rooms anaecoiche). This 'raw material' for frequencies become closer to those of the voice, manages to be much more productive. Stefan Bion the last 15 years has tried to generate this audio material via a PC, first with a Commodore 64 and then with DOS and Windows, with excellent results. His EVPmaker , distributed as freeware, it divides a. wav file in a specifiable number of micro-segments and plays them in a random order. Among the many options on the playback is also to indicate particular segments as a series of 'phonemes' which can then be linked in the play randomly. Expectations of esoteric communication designed by the software so the dress code oracular powers, which add their inherent mystery to the invisibility of the electronic operation of the machine. In this way the perception of the data is influenced by a distortion voluntary, but little predictable in the results, capable of extracting sense, even where it does not exist but even the shape.