Thinking Machine 4, see he plays.

Thinking Machine 4

The invisibility of thought has in common a striking parallelism with the invisibility of the programming code. The processing, conceptual or algorithmic they are, in fact, have the remarkable ability to produce tangible results through independent interpretation of signs. This process is often sublimated in the game, where the action selection hypothesis continues to track precise paths rumination, formalized in the software that emulates it. In this sense, Thinking Machine 4 is a software to play chess against the computer written in Java that implements a fundamental peculiarities. The assumptions of the game to calculate the next move made by the machine are displayed through their possible realization, coloring them differently to distinguish the two players. The intricate frame of paths and their glance makes the idea of ​​the ongoing, drawing progressively induced very rapid assumption of the microprocessor. Developed by Martin Wattenberg (author of Net Art Idea Line and The Shape of Song ) in collaboration with Marek Walczak, Thinking Machine provides further developments in graphics successive versions, as elaborated retain the essence of graphic abstraction of the code in the progression of 'use.