TV-B-Gone, turn off the screen harassing.


The dominance of invasive video broadcasting more and more our population 'around'. The screens (of explicit propaganda, or repeat signals entertainment peppered with propaganda) are multiplying, pervading places until now bare of illuminated pixels, such as shops or public areas (waiting rooms, means of transport) . But the rejection of a visual and sensory overstimulation, implemented with continuous changes in intensity of light hidden in broadcast, now has a tool of choice to enforce their right to non-view and non-listening. It's called TV-B-Gone is a small and remote can turn off "virtually any TV in America, Europe and Asia," say the manufacturers. The possible scenario is that of screens that are silenced by invisible agents that restore the natural conditions of multidirectional communication of human beings, cutting out the window hypnotic transmissions. This simple small device, therefore, embodies not only a liberating refusal indoctrination television, but also a healthy iconoclastic spirit and a legitimate riappropriasi the power to terminate an unwanted communication. Sold at a price of $ 15 TV-B-Gone promises to be a fun thorn in the side of the all-encompassing video, allowing anyone to regain control over their stimulation of the retina.