Recycled Soundscape, remix the sound around.

Recycled Soundscape

The ecology of the sound urban, populated with the production of portable devices and calculation of induced frequencies, promises to become one of the most humus-rich audio experimentation. The analysis and algorithmic variation (more or less interactive) of the sounds that fill the cyclically public spaces, in fact, makes palpable the acoustic sphere that surrounds us in the movement through the architecture of the city. Recycled Soundscape is a sound installation set up in passing places, which gives you access to the sound waves that pass through the affected area. Realized by the Zero-Th Studio (ie Karmen Franinovic and Yon Visell) is composed of a 'Beludire', ie a kind of totem able to sample a command (via a button 'Record') sounds of a certain distance in front of him, making the user a kind of 'spy' acoustic snapshot of the scene, and some 'Sonic Bowls' cubes nearby, and stand-by discrete emit some noise to attract the attention of passers-by, while turning the disc black above them allow you to listen to one of the possible scores obtained with the recorded sounds. The remix that emerges is that of the surroundings acoustic manipulated by customers at will, making them aware of the sounds that at that time are around them. Unlike other urban sound installations designed for a specific place, such as Singing Bridges or Blue Moon , Recycled Soundscape is independent of the dislocation, and, similar to Sound Mapping , however, allows a listen weighted by stimulating critical analysis, albeit impromptu . For enjoyment, finally, but also the temporary sensation of power, control parts of reality usually fruite passively and only accessible to hearing, makes the orchestration of the samples stolen instantly performing a re-hearing of the reality, useful and necessary for disassemble and reassemble the invisible and ever-changing wealth of sounds around us.