MPF, upset the mp3.


The transition from the mp3 format files in a medium of communication has been made at the turn of the millennium with Napster before and networks then equal. The role of content traveling in the 'custody' of a document with the same name extension can be different from the consistency with the natural expectations, being the name of the file, the only indication on the data you are conglomerates in the file itself. MPF , ie mpeg Fucker is a small script on Unix-like (also usable on Mac OSX), which messes up the contents of an mp3 file via a simple procedure. The file is in fact first interpreted as text, which is then radically reworked, and then resaved in audio format. The operation makes transparent a process already adopted in secret by the disk, which in time spread false mp3 to discredit the peer-to-peer networks. Developed by the Spanish group, freeware, hosted by , to reflect upon the relationship between container and contents in the immateriality of electronic data, and how they can be easily manipulated in automatic modes for overturning the supposed integrity of the data.