Laptop Orchestra + Min_Mod, the screen of the laptop music.

Laptop Orchestra

The laptop is not just an imaginary musical meta-instrument able to coordinate and generate admirably data streams, but for its size and for its mobility, it is an extension of the ability of structuring and manipulation of the musician. This representativeness his physical and ethereal imagery that surrounds it, for common sense a kind of Aladdin's lamp in the service of the composer, it is clear from the last two installations Limiteazero whose code was developed in Processing . Author of works that included a focus on research synaesthetic (as in Active metaphore ), the group achieved Laptop Orchestra , who in his version exhibit includes 15 cars embedded in a rectangular polished reflecting the evolution of the colored screens, orchestrated by a mini-podium equipped with metal stems connected with their computer. The direction of the ensemble is purely demonstrative, while their physical presence and stage, manifested life thanks to the lighting of the same screens is predominant. The infinite loop, however, implemented in Min_Mod [minimum_module] consists in generating software via four frequencies then amplified and transmitted to a metal plate whose vibrations are perceived by some microphones connected to the same laptop that displays the waveforms. The machine becomes a producer and that benefits at the same time sounds ending a process that gives the impression of being autonomous, self-sufficient in setting made. This objectification of the instrument represents a different perspective, in a sense, even dangerous, as it is likely to focus attention on the performance of the hardware and its scenic beauty instead of making aware of the mechanisms of the software, only conceptual engine that retains its ability to temporarily reshape reality.