Groovetube, the lights of the TV.


The rapid and continuous changes of colored light integrated into each telecast stress to our visual perception costuiscono a light source continues. This keeps stress of the retina, to which we are accustomed in part, has been growing over time, and now is an essential character for the production of products 'to the small screen'. Just based on this principle of Groovetube , a commercial product, made ​​of transparent cubes of plastic capable of returning color and light as an atavistic apparatus disco seventies. In reality the transmutation to which is subjected the most pervasive media in absolute regards its contents. The encoding that follows cancels any influence studied by communicators (advertising) and authors (programs), radicalizing the issue until his skinny genes colors. What is the abstract is the flow of light, coupled to a playful entertainment, by the pervasiveness rendered harmless. The visual war to grab the desires of the audience is thus nipped in the bud without the need to disconnect the electricity supply. Available in sizes 13 to 27 inches, Groovetube costs a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 45 dollars.