Arrested Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping.

Reverend Billy

Representing the contradiction perched in the dens of capital means ruinously pierce the glittering backdrop systematically studied theoretically to dazzle the paying clientele. The strategy adopted for years by the Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping is simple: improvised theater performances in the temples of consumption (such as coffee chain Starbucks, for example), exposing through a text sarcastic and irreverent starred involving the patrons present. The 'Reverend was arrested and jailed for three days on November 6 for "criminal trespassing with intent to obstruct a legal business." The historical role of the jester, voice of the people admitted to the mockery of the powerful, at times tolerated with little democratic systems, it is a real threat to the capital to showcase. Already hosted since last Digital Is Not Analog: The Influencers the theatricality of the group is able to communicate in a direct and unambiguous its messages, but in a different way from the effective performance of the Surveillance Camera Players. The show dynamic and destabilizing the 'Reverend' breaks down piece by piece the wall reassuring balance fake, pillar of the 'brand culture. The spectacle of the unifying brand can not compete, then, with this amazing show political and social spaces celebrated adverse.