PEART, The Robotic Drum Machine.


One of the decisive factors for certain is that anthropomorphic robotic mechanisms, ie as the automatic machine reflect human characteristics credible. This also applies to those automata that do not have a shape similar to that of humans, but it effectively emulate their operation. This 'realism' is even surpassed by PEART, ie Pneumatic and Electronic Actuated Robot , a name that actually conceals a tribute to Neil Peart, drummer of Rush hyperactive. It is a series of pneumatic components interfaced by actuators and the MIDI protocol, which make the percussion of the components of an acoustic drum domesticated to the sequence and timing programmed. Powered by Frankie Graffagnino, Michael Derouen, Jeremy Moreau and Jackie Robertson of the University of Louisana, the experiment effectively makes the difference by putting in sequencing the respective samples. Thereby, it is not only practical, but deeply conceptual. There is, in fact, only a factor of emulation well thought out, but a proliferation of arms that can get results 'inhuman' with the same acoustic equipment. This hyperfunction shows unequivocally a further aspect of reprogramming of the real, amplifying it in unusual directions.