News Reader, insights generated.

news reader

Reading the news online, from the web to the mailing list to ultra-efficient flows in RSS (which allow you to have an instant Glance general from multiple sources) has become a daily ritual that is perpetuated even several times a day yourself in the feeling of be 'connected with what is happening'. But times of a tight production and use give rise to an unbridled consumption and bulimic, which often results in drunkenness information from which it is difficult to detoxify. To play with these concepts is News Reader , a program that generates text from a related news. The set of information has been gathered from Yahoo! News, but when you choose to read them in detail you can see several links associated with certain terms in the body of the text. These links do not lead to further deepening of the term or to a respective site, but to another window where there is a text generated by statistical models and alternative news from the 'Common Dreams'. The imperceptible transit based on the original text to the generated plasma as the concepts by giving a more clear and deployed. The software was produced by Noah Wardrip-Fruin (author of The New Media Reader and First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game ), David Durand, Brion Moss, and Elaine Froehlich, and is part of a couple of programs (the 'other is called Regime Change) equipped with a political approach to the distribution and reproduction of the texts. The ringed concepts in News Reader, through associations sensible and different accent compared to the original scenario, fails to fulfill a double function: move the point of view of the unique and aseptic major news portals and explore linguistically writing them. The result is fascinating, but its peculiarity is to invent better mechanically credible results, sometimes blatantly funny or visibly dramatic, taking advantage of the chains of language generation to enlighten us on his unconscious perception.