Alter Ego, personal identity in comparison.

Alter Ego

The creation of fictitious identities, from digital anthropomorphic characteristics, is one of the great fascinations of the incorporeal world of data. The access to the creation of its 'alter ego' is a practice that frees the possibility of constructing piece by piece identity perceived depths, most of the times different from that biologically there is attached, and that it is possible to finish visually through the appropriate tool. It was to this dichotomy is dedicated Alter Ego is called a brilliant photographic exhibition at the Proud Gallery in London. Images taken by Robbie Cooper approach images of the players and the avatars that they themselves have created, making clear what may be termed 'echoes' of their characteristics in real and virtual. Echoes not necessarily physical, of course, but that is reflected especially in the relationships that develop with the other players. The juxtaposition between the creator and its visual identity digital simplistic inferences can induce psychological effects on their players. However, what seems to be most important is to control the expression of each of its representativeness. The selection of objects, accessories, clothing, shapes and expressions provides, albeit in a more approximate to the number of polygons used, the amount of testing practicable on the mirror of themselves, emphasizing the relationships between entities unsuspecting (and most of the times happy to be so) of the respective physical realities.