Timescapes, collective video editing.

Despite a decade of visions, posters and declarations of intent are still few concrete attempts to exploit the network infrastructure to properly implement its intrinsic nature of sharing and collaboration, especially in the production of original materials and artifacts. Timescapes is an ambitious project carried out by five artists who follow territorially una'immaginaria line joining Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey, a land linked by multiple cultural ties, by the authors referred to as 'B-zone'. The materials are edited footage from each mode in non-linear across the network. The moving image becomes medium for a collective memory that unfolds in the debate and is made in the editing process. This same process allows an unwinding of the information in which the cultural background of each contributes to the collective narrative. the historical dimension, in fact plays a central role in the calculations of the five authors (Angela Melitopoulos, Hito Steyerl, Dragana Zarevac, VI.DEA and Freddy V), which interact through their respective perspectives and psychologies through the techniques of (re) processing of their 'editing, arriving at collective authorship, which is able to rewrite their content until reaching solutions in which the group is recognized. The original materials, in fact, were first stored in a database and subsequently made available to everyone, creating a democratic infrastructure for conscious and fruitful interaction.