ArtBots 2004.

Inaugurated on September 17, the third edition of ArtBots , robotic exhibition of works in the broad sense, ie that share an independent component of production of artifacts, which this year exhibits a more accurate selection of the two previous editions (in 2002 and 2003 ), giving space to projects integrating a component behind the technique (often spectacular) of the work. The winds are selected: 'ArtSBot' Leonel Moura, formed by a series of little robots that produce autonomous pictorial designs interacting with each other, 'Bionic Log' by William Tremblay, a creature made ​​of wood and steel, whose movements are natural but clumsy ee unstable , 'DrawBot Modding Contest and Workshop' by Jonah Brucker-Cohen, who through servomechanisms, markers and plastic cups involves the user to build their own robots with a symbolic prize for the best, 'elf – electronic life forms' of Pascal Glissmann and Martina Hoefflin, small machines integrated into a natural environment and powered by solar energy, Hand-eye 'Alex Baker', in which stereoscopic vision in a helmet is provided by two cameras attached to the wrists of the user with a considerable disorientation machinic, the machines of LEMUR , 'Living Particles' Ralf Schreiber, an ecosystem 'organic' of tiny electronic forms vital solar energy that interact with each other loudly, 'machines will eat itself /' of Franz Alken , 'Open Sesame' Sean Salmon, James Tichenor, Vasil Daskalopoulos and Phillip Stanley-Marbel, a wall of fabric in multiple layers that changes and opens in the mode according to the psychedelic sounds generated by the user, 'Ornithoids' Daniel Canazon Howe and Jeff Han, a sound sculpture of elements linked together on a single plane of motion that interact with each other and with the outside world through sounds, but are characterized by specific behaviors (dominant, submissive, lonely, social, and so etc.), 'Recycle Robot' Dan Paluska, an exceptional cardboard robot made almost entirely of recycled materials, 'Self Preservation Machine' Aaron Arendt an amusing and ironic exoskeleton to defend against external physical attacks, 'Sisyphus' by Bruce Shapiro, consists of a steel ball crawling on a carpet of sand into infinity microdune from geometric patterns and guided by a precise algorithm, 'String Ball Collector' Ellen Lake and Chris Green, a small metal machine that moves in circles trying to collect balls of losing some rope as it obtains other and thus forming the pattern of success and defeat, ' Sustainable 'David Birchfield, David Lorig and Kelly Phillips,' Thoughts go by air of Machine Cent'red Humanz, a number of balloons filled with helium that communicate with each other by exchanging information to adapt to the environment, 'Three Blind Mice' Art of Technology Re-envisions three white mice who 'guide' as many micro-vehicles clear glass, 'Topobo 'Hayes Raffle, Amanda Parkes and Hiroshi Ishii, a puppet whose shapes resemble the assembled' movements' that impose themselves repeating, 'Tribot' by Nicholas Stedman and Rhya Tamasauskas, a form with three equally spaced extensions that move into the surrounding space exploring it, and, finally, Wildflower Meadow Glacier by James Powderly, Michelle Kempner, Tom Kennedy, Todd Polenberg, Brendan Fitzgerald and Paul Bartlett, which consists of five cubic llvello the transparent verification of carbon dioxide and plant accordingly various floral species.