Illuminated Averages, the collapse of a sequence in an image.

When the images are interpreted as data undergo a radical conceptual transformation, by an indivisible whole designed to be received in its entirety, to a set of data related to other possible relationships derived from the individual characteristics that each element possesses. The decomposition of the images in the primary factors of which they are made, or pixels in the case of their digitization, involves moving to another domain of representation. Illuminated Averages is a series of pictures taken by Jim Campbell with a mathematical process of 'synthesis' . On some cutscenes, ie on all their frames, we applied an algorithm of 'average' which generated a single final image. This is metaphorically contained the essence of the sequence, and are in fact perceived the original colors and an ethereal form of what we can guess from the title. From '# 1', which is represented in the entire film of Hitchcock's Psycho 1 hour and up to cinquenta minutes 'Dynamism Of The News' with the result of classical news, the collapse of the images in a single moment is strong similarities in work of Jason Salavon 'Every Playboy Centerfold' , which essentially applies the same technique to static images.