READ_ME 2004 Software Art and Cultures Conference.

It opens Aug. 22 in Aarhus, Denmark 's 2004 edition of READ_ME , an international festival of software art that this year is divided into a two-day conference and a subsequent three-day 'camp', understood as a collective event and shared space, this time not in the open air, but hosted by the local Academy of Fine Arts This festival is an annual full scan using the code of the interfaces and their conventions as a means of artistic expression, giving this' year a broad spectrum of projects and visions. Along the list of actions, including, 'A Re-Declaration of Dependence Ð Software Art in a Cultural Context It Canot Get out of' Jacob Lillemose, a socio-cultural contextualization of software art; 'Code as performative speech act' by Inke Arns, the performativity of the Code; 'Coding Praxis: Reconsidering the Aesthetics of Code' by Geoff Cox , Alex McLean and Adrian Ward , on the aesthetics of generative code; 'Lego for a Meta-Meta-Art-Theory of Forms' Andreas Leo Findeisen, on theoretical that can affect the emerging theories about the software; 'mise en abyme in Software Art: A Comment to Florian Cramer' Troels Degn Johansson, on the figure of the 'mise en abyme', ie the recursion of elements, by artists such as theming of the problems of representation 'Code Art Brutalism: Low-Level Systems and Simple Programs' by Simon Yuill on the relations between assembly code and brutalist architecture, 'Live Algorithm Programming and a Temporary Organisation for its Promotion' of Amy Alexander , Nick Collins, Dave Griffiths, Alex McLean, Fredrik Olofsson, Rohrhuber Julian and Adrian Ward, the newly formed organization TOPLAP composed of musicians who create music in real time with the code; '{Software} Structures' by Casey Reas on relations between the software and the work of the artist Sol Lewitt; 'Super-Abstract: Software Art and the Redefinition of Abstraction' Brad Borevitz, which analyzes the abstraction in the software on multiple levels; 'Digital Objects' of Matthew Fuller that analyzes a group projects of social software prompting you to reflect on the nature of the software, 'No Carrier and Other Stories from Philippine BBS Culture' of Fatima Lasay on significant culture of BBS in the Philippines, 'A Glimpse Beyond Search Engines' by Christophe Bruno , who tries to look at the network as a global set of texts with all the philosophical consequences of the case; 'The World According to the Web' Douwe Osinga & Ernst Wit, seeking to build two-dimensional maps to describe the world seen from the web; 'The Sequencer Paradigm 'by Alessandro Ludovico, software for music sequencing seen as cultural archetype;' Made by Users 'Mirko Schaefer, who describes the potential role of users in shaping the products in a context of cultural freedom and' Software Art and Political Implications Algorithms in 'Pau Alsina David Gonzalez, describing the inevitable political implications in the creation of algorithms that interrogate the database. The camp is run in conjunction with the Dorkbot, an organization that facilitates informal but very active local meetings of those who experience with software, hardware and technology varies. Here also are planned workshops, presentations and performances in the next three days, including Paul Slocum , Peter Luining , the creators of NEST , Tom Betts , Joan Lean
, Douglas Repetto and Goodiepal .