The Fifth HOPE hacker conference in New York.

It is being held in New York, Hotel Pennsylvania, the Fifth HOPE , which is the fifth edition in more than ten years dell'Hackers On Planet Earth, the conference put on by the collective behind the historic magazine, 2600, tha's hacker quarterly. After the ' crowded last edition of 2002, this time in three days there will be many keynote held respectively by Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak and Jello Biafra. Along the list of workshops / seminars including: 'Automotive Networks' networks implanted in the latest models of cars, 'Building Hacker Spaces' a workshop on how to set up and maintain a space for hackers who participate Hasty Pastry, Cambridge, New Hack City of San Francisco, PUSCII of Utrecht, ASCII Amsterdam, the L0pht in Boston, and the Hacker Halfway House in Brooklyn, 'Building the Anti-Big Brother', on the very positive role that can have the database for a society without include any personal information, 'The CryptoPhone', on the need to encrypt phone calls if you do not want to share with databases of telephone companies, 'Hacker Radio' on the radio stations that devote space to the issues hacker, 'Hacking More of the Invisible World' on interceptions in HF, VHF, UHF, and microwave, 'How the Great Firewall Works', on the system of Internet censorship in China,' Indymedia 2004 ', on the media coverage of Indymedia against the Democratic and Republican Convention,' Media Intervention via Social and Technical Hacking 'the activities of the Carbon Defense League, including Re-code , 'Phreaking In The Early Days' led by the legendary Captain Crunch and his colleague The Cheshire Catalyst on the earliest experiences of phone phreaking,' Tactical Media and the New Paranoia 'held by members of The Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA), The Yes Men, and Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) and' Urban Exploring: Hacking the Physical World ', the exploration of urban places normally inaccessible or forgotten. Impressive, finally, the list of films on offer this year in which, inter alia, marks the twentieth anniversary of that 2600 as well as old films Bell and AT & T, will be projected on film just as dated phreak culture, corporate videos of 'putting warning of the dangers of hacking 'in German or '23', the Norwegian 'NYC Hackers', the Swede' The Code 'dedicated to Linux and several works based on '1984' by George Orwell and a performance by Scott and Beibin of his 'Lost Film Festival', a mixing live narrated really underground films including some of the Yes Men and Timothy Speed ​​Levitch.