mirrorSpace, mirror-like telecommunication.


The programmability of electronic images allows to redefine any device able to transmit an image, including the most ancient and simple. Mirrors, for example, are among the most natural and intuitive, even with their characteristics of distortion and low fidelity we all know. Combining this simple interaction with the possibility of digital technologies to address any single pixel and with the telematic interconnection of different spaces it’s possible to reach conceptually important results. mirrorSpace is an installation which realizes these principles, exploiting the indistinct nature of the images our memory is biologically linked to. The ‘mirrors’ used are screens with microcameras and proximity sensors which, besides updating in real time the image of the person who’s in front of them, mix another image ‘reflected’ into another similar remote device. The two persons mixed can look into each other’s eyes without regard for physical distance. Made by some members of the group hehe.org, who also made Twilight, it mixes the theme of the portrait with space-time relationships, mixing the relation with another human being with the narcissism intrisic in observing one’s own image evolve in real time, in a communication which pierces the space and leaves open the time of communication.