Gramophone, record a CD as a vinyl.

The succession of the media over time allows you to create hybrids with paradoxical features, in which the old media host data that have not been established, or new media are shaped to emulate old. To the latter category belongs Gramophone , a Japanese kit, for now can not be sold in Europe or the U.S., which enables you to engrave (literally) on a cd audio tracks and play back your recordings. An incision is made through a standard sewing needle, scratching the surface of the disc through the needle as in the spiral of vinyl, while listening is done via a paper cup that acts as a sounding board of what is read the same in August It is a kit to build itself, aesthetics a little 'kitsch, sold at a cost of $ 40, with recording results very variable depending on the material used and the construction of stability obtained. The interesting aspect is that in this way you get a recycling of compact disc (or CD-ROM) unused, very cheaply. In this way the cd is depleted of its original digital design, which determines the order in the absence of appropriate equipment, and integrated into a new dimension mechanics, only able to return to functionality.